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Apart from blogging, Bokhari has worked as Social Media Manager for different companies and as a writer for a Lahore-based technology firm ‘FiverRivers Tech’. Currently, he’s a student of media and working as a freelancer writer for various companies.


2 thoughts on “About Author”

  1. Dear Bokhari,

    I am an assistant producer from Infocus Asia, a production house based in Singapore.
    We are currently producing a documentary series for the National Geographic channel on urban legends and history around Asia where our host goes around Asia to uncover urban legends and investigate history.

    My episode brings us to Diu India. One of the themes would be looking into is the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971, as well as the sinking of the INS Khukri.

    I’ve been searching for archives for the 2 events, both images and video footage, and came across your blog. I see that you’ve posted some photos of the war, and i was wondering if they were owned by you?

    If so would you be keen to source them to us as archives for the show? The documentary will air on the National Geographic Channel worldwide, on all media and in perpetuity.

    Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Kindest Regards
    email: candice@infocusasia.com

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