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Born on July 22, 1987, Yaser Abbas was the only son of Mr. & Mrs. Jaffer Abbas and only brother of three sisters. He belonged to an army family; his both grandfathers were in Army. His father was Colonel in the Army Medical Corps and had recently retired from Pakistan Army. Yaser received early education from the Army Public Schools & Colleges System of Pakistan Army. According to his maternal grandfather Col. Aslam, Yaser was a disciplined boy who always topped.

Lt. Yaser

After doing intermediate from Garrison Degree College, Lahore Cantt (Now Garrison University) Yaser appeared for selection test for Pakistan Air Force but was rejected due to eye-sight problem. But despite of being rejected by PAF, he declined his father’s offer of sending him to abroad for further education. He instead opted for Pakistan Navy and was selected for the 67th CAE/EC course of Aeronautical engineering at Pakistan Air Force Academy, Risalpur in 2005. After graduation from College of Aeronautical Engineering-Pakistan Air Force Academy, Lt. Yaser Abbas was posted at PNS Mehran base of Pakistan Navy.

College Roll of Honor shows Yaser

Lt. Yaser last visited his family during Eid ul Fitr in 2010. His family has recently shifted to their new constructed home at Askari 10, Lahore but Lt. Yaser was yet to visit it.

Lt. Yaser at PNS Mehran

Lt. Yaser Abbas was the duty officer on the night of May 22, 2011 when terrorists attacked PNS Mehran. He was having conference-call with his close family members when he heard sounds of blasts. He immediately told his family about the blasts and told them to wait while he went to check. On rushing to the scene of blast, he was stopped by Navy guards and sounds were heard by his family members “Sir, agay mat jaen…Sir, agay mat jean” (Sir, Don’t go ahead…Sir, Don’t go ahead). But despite of repeated warnings by Navy guards, he went ahead and was by engaged terrorists. During the intial firefight, Lt. Yaser received 3 bullets(1 in heart, 2 in abdomen), he was rushed to PNS Rahat (Navy Hospital) but he embraced martyrdom.

Funeral of Lt. Yaser (Shaheed) at Askari 10

Funeral of Lt. Yaser was held at Askari 10, Lahore and he was laid to rest in the Askari 10 Graveyard next to Captain Farhan Ali (Shaheed).

His last facebook status on his profile was: “finding it easy to bear the unbearable…”

*By acting vigilantly, Lt. Yaser saved important lives of his comrades and civilians. His quick response saved many strategic assets of Pakistan Navy. It must be noted that Lt. Yaser was only an aeronautical engineer of Pakistan Navy.. Interior Minister Rehman Malik has suggested Sitara-e-Basalat for his courageous and brave act. After appeal by the mother of Lt. Yaser (Shaheed), PM Gilani has recommended Nishan-e-Haider (Highest Gallantry Award of Pakistan) for Lt. Yaser (Shaheed). He will be the first recipient of Nishan-e-Haider from Pakistan Navy.

*As reported in Press.