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In the wake of Abbotabad Operation, Pakistan Armed Forces (especially Army & the ISI) have faced unprecedented criticism by Pakistanis and from the world. What happened in Abbotabad is truly shocking and surely demands an explanation from the Armed Forces who take a large chunk of our budget.  The Armed Forces of Pakistan are considered one of the best fighting forces in the world due to their professionalism and sacrifices offered in the line of duty. But what happened in Abbotabad has surely come as a ‘shocker’ for the nation who sees it’s forces as the last hope in times of need.

The way things have happened in Abbotabad, they should be criticized and analyzed. But the way ‘some’ people have gone to criticize it’s forces is beyond limits and totally obnoxious.  Patriotism doesn’t mean stop asking questions but if you are going to come hard, ruff and personal then the consequences will be negative and perhaps disastrous for the forces and the nation. Army is not a political force so it cannot be criticized the way we criticize political parties or political persons.  Actions can be criticized but national institutions shouldn’t be criticized. It’s a national army and it has constitutional protection. It’s a force which depends heavily on the support of its people to. The way it has been criticized is totally ‘unbearable’ for patriotic Pakistanis. Last few days have been very tough for the Pakistani nation and the Armed Forces. Criticism has poured from every corner of the world. Our arch-rival India taking advantage of this new developing situation has already sent an alarming statement. So, this is the time to be united to show our support to our forces. If we are going to throw dirt on our Armed Forces then our enemies are surely going to take advantage of the situation and they may cause irreparable damage to our security institutions! Making jokes or talking funny things and making them public are  going to worsen things (Facebook/Twitter accounts of notable media-persons and political persons have posted such jokes and messages).

Great Muslim commander, Sallahuddin Ayubi rightly said,

‎”To destroy a nation or a country, one should create mistrust between the mass civilian population and its Army.”

We should not forget the scarifies made by Pakistani forces in the ongoing war against terrorism. It is also worth mentioning that almost 600 men (including top leadership) of Al-Qaeda were arrested by ISI and other relevant agencies. According to a report released in 2010, almost 3,117 security forces members of Pakistan have been killed while 6,512 wounded in this war. Even with this war going on, Pakistani Armed Forces managed to help their fellow citizens during the 2005 earthquake and 2010 floods.

So, being a citizen of Pakistan, Isn’t it our duty to defend our national institutions just like we defend our country?